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Vulcan Gravel Train

Union Pacific runs a train for Vulcan Materials on the Kenosha Sub (former C&NW Old Line) from Vulcan's quarry at Ives (Caledonia), Wisconsin to their reload facility on the Kenosha Industrial Lead (former Farm Sub), north of Bain Station Road and west of WIS-31 in Pleasant Prairie.  The train typically runs with a pair of UP four-axle EMDs; GP15-1s used to be common, and GP60s have run the train the past few years, but GP38-2s and GP39-2s have shown up on the train as well.  Most of the cars are the red-to-pink Vulcan VULX hoppers, although leased black cars from ITGX are also used.

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SP EMD GP60 9721
SP EMD GP60 9721
UP EMD GP60 2022
UP EMD GP60 2022
UPY EMD GP15-1 738
UP EMD GP39-2 1216
ITGX 9321
VULX 861
VULX 900
VULX 9382
VULX 921
ITGX 9321
VULX 9376
Conveyor loads a hopper
VULX 841
Vulcan Trackmobile
UP 2030
UP 2022
Vulcan Trackmobile on WIS-31
Unloading the Trackmobile
UP 1943 and UP 371
UP 1943 at WIS-50
UP 1943 crossing WIS-50
UP Kenosha Industrial Lead
UP 1943 at 14th Ave.
Vulcan gravel train at the end of the Kenosha Industrial Lead
Vulcan train stretched around the curve
Vulcan VULX 1013
Vulcan Trackmobile
UP EMD GP38-2 371
UP EMD GP60 1943 (ex-SSW)
UP EMD GP60 1950
ITGX gravel hopper 9324
ITGX hopper 9301 w/TMPA logo
Vulcan Kenosha Yard

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