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Janesville, Wisconsin
photo album – p.4

June 27, 2006

After chasing Milwaukee Road #261, I headed down into Madison and got a few pictures of the rail line relocation around the airport.  From there, I headed to Janesville, where I got several pictures of Wisconsin & Southern and Union Pacific operations.

I also chased the JH27 out to Milton and got some photos of the new ethanol plant being built.

For more photos from Janesville, see Janesville p.1 and Janesville p.2.

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WSOR 4005 WSOR 4003 WSOR 4051

WSOR 4005

WSOR 4003

WSOR 4051

WSOR 4025 and 4008 WSOR 4025, church steeple WSOR 4025 passing the roundhouse

WSOR 4025

WSOR 4025

WSOR 4025

UPY 1320 and UPY 1317 UP 9454

UPY 1320-UPY 1317

UP Widenose

UP 9454 UP 9454 on the CTH-E overpass

UP 9454

UP 9454

March 13, 2007

UPY NRE 3GS21B 2713 UPY NRE 3GS21B 2713 and 2712

UPY 2713

UPY 2713

CNW EMD GP7 4160 and UPY EMD MP15DC 1315 UP EMD GP40-2 1361 and CNW bay window caboose 11216 WSOR EMD SD40-2 4050

CNW 4160

CNW 11216

WSOR 4050

Janesville p.1Janesville p.2

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