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Janesville, Wisconsin
photo album – p.2

Janesville, Wisconsin is served by three railroads, Union Pacific, Wisconsin & Southern, and Iowa Chicago & Eastern.  UP runs on former Chicago & North Western tracks, while both WSOR and ICE run on former Milwaukee Road/Soo Line trackage.  WSOR is the major player in town, with a line to Milton Jct. on the north, Monroe on the west, and Chicago on the east, as well as their roundhouse at Five Points.  Union Pacific's line runs southeast-northwest through town as far as Evansville, and the major customer in Janesville, General Motors, is served by UP.  UP also has a short branch to the north of town to serve a grain elevator.  ICE's presence in town is the north end of their branchline into Wisconsin, though they do switch a few customers in Janesville.  There's almost always something going on somewhere on the rails in Janesville!

More photos from Janesville are available on Janesville p.1 and Janesville p.4.

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UP 2966 CSXT 8350 UP 2983

UP 2966

CSXT 8350

UP 2983

roundhouse and turntable at Janesville, WI LTEX EMD GP15-1s 1428, 1413, 1427, and 1435 LTEX EMD GP15-1 1428 (ex-NS/CR)

Janesville roundhouse

LTEX GP15-1s

LTEX 1428

ICE conductor riding GGCX covered hopper 5847 ICE EMD GP40-2 4202 ICE EMD GP40-2 4207

ICE train

ICE 4202

ICE 4207

WSOR 10A IBCX 1500 (ex-Westmoreland Scenic) WSOR X002 and WSOX 1


IBCX 1500

WSOR X002 and WSOX 1

WSOR 4005 and 4050 with JMR16 WSOR 2000, ex-DPGX, exx-DME WSOR 2000, ex-DPGX, exx-DME

WSOR 4005 and 4050

WSOR 2000

WSOR 2000

WSOR 5 "W.F. Hall Printing Co." WSOR 2052 WSOR 2052


WSOR 2052

WSOR 2052

WSOR 4051 WSOR 1202 and 4025 WSOR 2053

WSOR 4051

WSOR 1202-4025

WSOR 2053

WSOR 4003 WSOR 3803 and 3804 WSOR 4002

sanding track

WSOR 3803 and 3804

WSOR 4002

WSOR truck and trailer WSOR 4001 WSOR SAFETY 1st at Janesville

WSOR dump truck

WSOR 4001 on JC


Janesville p.1Janesville p.4

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