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Trip from Stevens Point
February 5, 2005

On the trip home from my grandmother's funeral, I stopped in several locations along the Canadian National (former Wisconsin Central) to get pictures.  Prime among these pictures are the shots of WC 2500, a one-of-a-kind "SD35Q", and WC 7525, an Operation Lifesaver SD45.

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WC EMD SW1500 1570 (CN)

WC 1570 (CN)

WC EMD SD35Q 2500

WC 2500

DME cyl cvd hopper 466872 (ex-ATSF)

DME 466872 (x-ATSF)

AOK PS2CD-4750 cvd hopper 181924 (ex-CNW)

AOK 181924 (x-CNW)

ADMX Airslide cvd hopper 53019

ADMX 53019

WC EMD SW1500 1561

WC 1561

CN EMD SD40-2W 5324

CN 5324

WC EMD SD45 7525 (Operation Lifesaver)

WC 7525

WC EMD SD45s 7525 and 6616

WC 7525 and 6616

CN EMD GP38-2 4705 and WC EMD GP40 3021

CN 4705 and WC 3021

Theresa Station

Theresa Station

WC EMD SD45 7525

WC 7525

WC EMD SD45s 7525 and 6616

WC 7525

WC EMD SD45 7525

WC 7525

WC EMD SD45 6616

WC 6616

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