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SOO 4408

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SOO 4408 wreck Gilchrist, MI

On a nice sunny warm July 1982 afternoon, SOO 4408 met its demise.  Two trains were supposed to make a meet at Gilchrist, Michigan, but apparently the crew of one of them overshot the meet.  The trains met on straight track with such force that 4408 rode up onto the top of SD40-2 6600, but didn't fall over!  4408's fuel tank ruptured and caught fire, and most likely both units were scrapped on the spot.  Fortunately, both crews escaped with only minor injuries.  Ted Ellis photo, 07/12/82, Gilchrist MI

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Photo and caption ©Ted Ellis, used with permission.  More photos of the wreck can be seen by visiting Ted Ellis's Soo Line page.  Thanks Ted!
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