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Franklin Park Railroad Daze 2006

Franklin Park, Illinois held its Railroad Daze once again this year, with some musical acts on 5/19 and locomotives from several railroads on display 5/20.  Star of the show was Union Pacific EMD SD70ACe 1982, one of UP's "Heritage" locomotives, painted in a stylized Missouri Pacific color scheme.  A few railroads that were expected to have displays weren't represented, nonetheless, it was a nice display and a lot of fun.  The food was great too!

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UP 1982, Missouri Pacific Heritage unit
UP 1982, Missouri Pacific Heritage unit
MP herald on UP 1982, also Toilet Drain
"Painted by WSHR" sticker on UP 1982
UP 1982 sander
UP 1982, Missouri Pacific Heritage unit
IHB 4018
engineer's view from CSXT 5314
CSXT 5314 engineer's desk
CSXT 5314 engineer's controls
UP 5272
UP 5272 toilet
UP 5272 engineer's seat
UP 5272 radiator screen
BRC 530
speed recorder on BRC 530
Dofasco truck on BRC 530
BRC 530 engineer's controls
BRC 530 Bolt On Adhesion
BRC 530 step light
Metra scoot
METX 424
METX 424
IC 101
IC 101 death star
IC 101 headlight
CP 8742, Fuzzy
CP 8548, as seen from the cab of CP 8742
Metra 8526 lower level
Metra 8526 upper level
Metra 8526 cab view
Metra 8526 number and builder plate
Tower B12
GTW 4646
Metra 419
SOO 4442
SOO 102
Franklin Park Railroad Daze 2006 lineup
SOO 4449
BNSF GE C44-9W 4078
UP EMD SD9043MAC 8149
UP GE AC4400CW 6757
it said LIFT HERE...
Franklin Park PD 890
CP 102
CP 102

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