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Eric J. Stoner Railroad Photos

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CNW 10935

CNW 10935

Waukegan engine facilities

Waukegan engine facility

WSOR 4003 Cab

Cab, WSOR 4003

WEPX empty coal gondolas


Track equipment


Track equipment

Other track equipment

Ballast Cleaner

Ballast Cleaner!

Ballast Cleaner

Ballast Cleaner

Ballast Cleaner

Ballast Cleaner

Oliver Iron Mining 702

O.I.M. #702

CGW 10534 (CNW) bay window caboose

CGW 10534

CNWX MW flat 261476

CNWX 261476

UP 6871 and UPY 734 at Waukegan

UP 6871 - UPY 734

view of rail yard in Duluth, MN

Duluth rail yard

BNSF train at Duluth rail yard

BNSF train

Kenosha streetcar 4610

Kenosha 4610

Metra Kenosha station

Metra Kenosha station


WSOR 2056

CNW scale test car 263633 (UP)

CNW 263633

UPY 547-CGW 10534-UPY 554


IATR boxcar 6441 (ex-MR)

IATR 6441

Wisconsin Central herald on tank

WC herald

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