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September 2006 Railfan Trips

September 2006 will end up as a big month for railfanning trips.  My trip down to Dixon, IL the second weekend of the month, as well as the steam pilgrimage to the Quad Cities the third weekend, resulted in an awesome group of photos!!!

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Dixon, IL (UP)
Polo, IL (BNSF)
Rockford, IL (ICE, CN)
Flagg, IL (IRN)
Rochelle, IL (UP, BNSF, displays)
China - Polo - Sterling, IL
Denrock, IL (BNSF)
Silvis, IL (NRE)
Colona, IL (BNSF)
East Moline/Moline, IL - Davenport, IA
Nahant (Davenport), IA (ICE)
Rock Island, IL (IAIS/BNSF)

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Dixon, IL -- Union Pacific
(Dixon Trip)

Union Pacific EMD SD9043MAC 8213 SP GE AC4400CW 232

UP 8213
WEPX loads

SP 232 (DPU)

UP GE AC4400CW 6599 UP GE AC60/44CW 7326

UP 6599
WEPX empties

UP 7326

Polo, IL - BNSF
(Dixon Trip)

CN EMD SD75I 5716 westbound BNSF intermodal at the abandoned ICG r-o-w BNSF Keep Off sign

CN 5716

intermodal train/
ICG r-o-w

Keep Off sign

BNSF GE C44-9W 5122 BNSF GE C44-9W 4071 BNSF GE C44-9W 4071

BNSF 5122

BNSF 4071

BNSF 4071

BNSF GE ES44DC 7767 RTTX flat car 972423 with UPS trailers

BNSF 7767

RTTX 972423
w/UPS trailers

Rockford, IL - ICE and CN
(Quad Cities Trip)

ICE EMD GP40-2 4207 ICE EMD GP40-2 4207 Chicago Central Intermodal Depot

ICE 4207

ICE 4207

Rockford Depot?

CC&P Intermodal Corp. sign GTW EMD SD40-2 5953 (CN, ex-KCS) GTW EMD SD40-2 5953 (CN, ex-KCS)

Green Diamond sign

GTW 5953

GTW 5953

ICE EMD GP40-2 4200 ICE EMD GP40-2 4200

ICE 4200

ICE 4200

Flagg, IL - IRN
(Quad Cities Trip)

CSP GE B23-7 3 CSP GE B23-7 3 CSP GE B23-7 3

lonely engine



Rochelle, IL - BNSF, UP, and some old stuff
(Quad Cities Trip)

BNSF EMD SD40-2 7330 BNSF GE B40-8W 582 BNSF 7330 and 582

BNSF 7330

BNSF 582

BNSF 7330-582

MILW ribside caboose 992083 WF Hall Whitcomb 50-DE-58a-1 5 UP EMD SD40-2 3026

MILW 992083

W.F. Hall 5

UP 3026

BNSF GE ES44DC 7769 BNSF GE C40-8W 927 (ex-ATSF) BNSF GE C40-8W 841 (ex-ATSF)

BNSF 7769

BNSF 927

BNSF 841

China, Polo, and Sterling, IL - BNSF ketchup and UP
(Quad Cities Trip)

Union Pacific EMD SD9043MAC 8251 Heinz ketchup left on the BNSF tracks at Polo, IL Union Pacific 3077 3026 9063

UP 8251

BNSF ketchup

UP 3077-3026-9063

Denrock, IL - BNSF
(Quad Cities Trip)

BNSF GE C44-9W 4528 BNSF GE C44-9W 4528 NREX EMD SD40-2 B4297 ex-UP

BNSF 4528

BNSF 4528

NREX B4297

BNSF EMD GP39E 2748 (ex-BN) BNSF EMD GP39E 2748 (ex-BN) BNSF EMD GP39E 2748 ex-BN

BNSF 2748

BNSF 2748

BNSF 2748

Silvis, IL - National Railway Equipment
(Quad Cities Trip)

former BNSF EMD SW12 3500 (ex-BN) at NRE NREX EMD/ICG SD20 2041 (ex-IC) PWSX EMD SD40-2 785 (ex-CP) at NRE

BNSF 3500

NREX 2041

PWSX 785

NREX EMD/ATSF CF7 2632 (ex-Quad Cities Rocket) NREX EMD SD40-2 224 (ex-QNSL) NREX EMD SD50 8698 (ex-CSXT)

NREX 2632

NREX 224

NREX 8698

National Railway Equipment locomotive graveyard National Railway Equipment locomotive graveyard pieces of locomotives

NRE dead line

NRE dead line

locomotive parts

Colona, IL - BNSF
(Quad Cities Trip)

BNSF GE B40-8 8635 ATSF corrugated-side gondola 74537 with a Caterpillar backhoe

BNSF 8635

ATSF 74537 (with a Cat)

East Moline and Moline, IL, and Davenport, IA - IAIS and ICE
(Quad Cities Trip)

SOO WV caboose 20 and CP WV caboose IAIS EMD GP38-2s 711 and 700 ADM tank cars

SOO 20 and a CP caboose

IAIS 711-700

ADM train

IAIS EMD GP38-2s 700 and 711 IAIS EMD GP38-2s 700 and 711 DME 6068 East

IAIS 700-711

IAIS 700-711

ICE 6068 East

Nahant (Davenport), IA - ICE
(Quad Cities Trip)

storage tank at ICE Nahant Yard roundhouse and turntable at ICE Nahant Yard ICE EMD GP9 103 (ex-IMRL/SOO)

Nahant storage tank

Nahant roundhouse

ICE 103

ICE EMD SD40-2 6416 DME EMD SD40-2 6050 "Colony, Wy." DME EMD SD40-2 6078 (ex-CP)

ICE 6416

DME 6050
"Colony, Wy."

DME 6078

Rock Island, IL (IAIS/BNSF)
(Quad Cities Trip)

IAIS EMD GP38-2s 711 and 700, and a rainbow BNSF EMD/M-K GP39M 2897 (ex-BN) BN EMD GP28M 1517

pot of gold?

BNSF 2897

BN 1517

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