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Interesting Freight Car Loads

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SOO LINE flatcar 5007 loaded with P&H Mining machinery MILW flatcar 67233 loaded with P&H Mining machinery MILW flatcar 67234 loaded with P&H Mining machinery

P&H Mining part

MILW 67233
P&H Mining part

MILW 67234
P&H Mining part

CP flatcar 507173 w/Hapag-Lloyd container w/load CP flatcar 315611 with pipe load OTTX flatcar 90014 w/Case tractor and tires

CP 507173
Hapag-Lloyd container

CP 315611

OTTX 90014
Case tractor and tires

ITTX flatcar 930331 loaded with UTLX tank car 901996 IC flatcar 907581 loaded with DOWX tank car 7163 OTTX flatcar 97735 loaded with railroad displays

ITTX 930331
UTLX 901996

IC 907581
DOWX 7163

OTTX 97735
x-MILW caboose

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