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Colorful, Unusual Canadian Pacific

Canadian Pacific Railway, the largest and busiest railroad through Milwaukee, is notable for running all sorts of unusual motive power.  Canadian Pacific alone has six different paint schemes on its locomotives, plus locomotives of predecessor Soo Line still running in two paint schemes plus some black and orange "bandits" from Soo's predecessor, Milwaukee Road!  Add to that variety the leased and foreign power that runs on CP, and you can see quite a spectrum of motive power running on CP's busy mainline!

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CP 9769
CP 8642
CP 6045
CP 6017
CP GE AC4400CW 8548
CP 5478
CP GE AC4400CW 8578
SOO EMD GP38-2 4451
D&H EMD GP38-2 7303 in Milwaukee
CP EMD GP40 4600
CP EMD GP40 4600
CP EMD SD40-2 5637, cannibalized
INRD EMD SD60 6012 (ex-SOO)
INRD EMD SD60 6016 (ex-SOO)
CEFX 1047
CP 8601
Amtrak GE P42 46
CP 8504
CP GE AC4400CW 9805 with 7200' of train
CSXT GE C40-8W 7819
Amtrak GE P42 194
CP EMD SD40-2 5573
CEFX EMD SD40-2 3180
CP EMD SD40-2 6055
Amtrak cab-baggage 90368
NMRX "Rail Runner" 1102
CP 5977
CP 9524
CP 8610
SOO 774
CP 8707
CP GE AC4400CW 9560
SOO EMD GP38-2 4411
UP flatcar 904567
SOO wide-vision caboose 900076
CP GE ES44AC 8759
CP GE AC4400CW 9600
CEFX GE AC4400CW 1045
CEFX GE AC4400CW 1045
CEFX 1045 West
SOO 6022
SOO 6058 West at Cut-Off
switch removed for the former Red Star Yeast
CP EMD SD40-2F 9003
CP GE ES44AC 8837
CP GE AC4400CW 8525
SOO EMD SD60M 6058
SOO EMD SD60 6051
HLCX 6328
SOO 4512 (ex-MILW)
PGR bay window caboose 101 ("MNS")
CP EMD MP15AC 1415
CP EMD MP15AC 1415
SOO EMD MP15AC 1540 (ex-MILW)
CP GE AC4400CW 8600 and 8544
CP EMD SD40-2 6055
CP EMD SD40-2 6015
CP GE AC4400CW 9775
CP GE AC4400CW 9671
CP GE ES44AC 8817
CP GE AC4400CW 9573
new Amtrak station at Sturtevant, WI
old depot at Sturtevant, WI
Sturtevant depot preparing for moving
Kansasville Wig-Wag
Loram rail grinder MPC2/LMIX 602
Waterford Avenue median barrier
Waterford Avenue median barrier with new uprights
light power led by SOO EMD SD60 6038
ICE EMD SD40-2 6451 "City of Le Claire"
no-whistle post on Canadian Pacific in Wauwatosa, WI
Tractors on Flat Cars
ICE EMD SD40-2 6404
ICE EMD SD40-2 6404
CP GE AC4400CW 9838
Amtrak GE P42 201
CEFX GE AC4400CW 1008
CP Menomonee Bridge
SOO EMD SD60 6027
AMTK GE P42 92
private passenger car Puget Sound
private passenger car Sierra Hotel
private passenger car Sierra Hotel

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