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Amtrak Detour
December 10, 2005

Due to work being performed on Canadian Pacific's KK River bridge on December 10, 2005, Amtrak's Hiawathas were terminated at the Milwaukee Airport station, and several through CP freights as well as both the eastbound and westbound Empire Builder were detoured via Canadian National's Wisconsin Central between Duplainville (Pewaukee), Wisconsin and Chicago.  The connection is in the northeast quadrant of the crossing at Duplainville, which also necessitated a back-up move for those trains making the detour.

I was contacted by "jeaton" from the Trains.com forum about this movement, and he, Debbie and I, and a few Kalmbach employees met at the End Zone, which abuts the CP right-of-way on Duplainville Road, where we met pizza and discussed our plans for the day.  Thanks Jay, for coordinating a wonderful railfanning event!

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CP GE AC4400CW 8612 detour CP GE AC4400CW 8612 CP GE AC4400CW 8612 detouring through Waukesha

CP 8612 East

CP 8612

CP 8612

AMTK express boxcar 74029 Amtrak van with passenger Amtrak conductor rides the platform on AMTK 74029

Amtrak 74029

Amtrak van

cold ride

AMTK GE P42 16 happy passenger on AMTK 39045 Amtrak Superliner 32005

Amtrak 16

happy passenger

Amtrak 32005

Amtrak baggage car Amtrak GE P42 181 AMTK GE P42 181

Amtrak baggage car

Amtrak 181

Amtrak 181

CN EMD SD50F 5453 CN EMD SD50F 5453 BNSF GE C44-9W 4506

CN 5453 North

CN 5453

BNSF 4506

Amtrak 181 meets CN 5453 North switches lined for AMTK 181 Amtrak GE P42 181 crossing Green Road

Amtrak 181

Amtrak 181

Amtrak 181

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