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Sabotaged High-Voltage Electrical Towers

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sabotaged high-voltage towers

A power outage in Milwaukee and Oak Creek, Wisconsin Saturday night (10/9/04) was caused by the collapse of the power transmission tower seen to the left of the stopped Canadian Pacific train in the photo above.  Sabotage is a possibility, and the FBI is investigating.  Part of the power outage included nearby General Mitchell International Airport.

Trains on the CP line, including Amtrak trains, had to be stopped since the high-voltage wires were lying across the CP's tracks, just south of College Avenue.  Amtrak passengers were de-trained at Sturtevant and bussed to Milwaukee.  An intact tower can be seen behind the collapsed tower, which is being illuminated by floodlights.  Mark W. Hintz photo, 10/10/04, Oak Creek WI

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