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Wisconsin Highway 119

Wisconsin Highway 119 has existed in anonymity since it was first applied to Milwaukee's Airport Spur in the late 1970s.  While the route was designated WIS-119 by WISDOT, and appeared on maps designated WIS-119, no signage actually existed on or near the route -- until 2007, when new signs on I-94 clearly featured WIS-119 shields!  Previously, signs only read "Gen Mitchell Int'l Airport" or "Airport Exit", however, WISDOT received a number of complaints from drivers about this highway that they couldn't find, according to the April 29 Road Warrior^ column.

I have captured three of the six currently existing signs on I-94, though WISDOT plans to add signs to the route itself as well in the near future.

For more information, see the wisconsinhighways.org WIS-119 listing^.

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WIS-119 Southbound Exit Sign 1

SB sign 1

WIS-119 Southbound Exit Sign 2

SB sign 2

WIS-119 Northbound Exit Sign 1

NB sign 1

WIS-119 Northbound Exit Sign 2

NB sign 2

WIS-119 Northbound Exit Sign 3

NB sign 3

WIS-119 Northbound Exit Sign 4

NB sign 4

detour sign for WIS-119, mis-signed as US-119

Detour "US"-119?

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