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ALT 370103

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ALT heavy-duty flatcar 370103 (ex-KRL)

While I waited for UP 679 to pull its surprise out of Avalon Rail, I spotted this loaded flat car sitting outside of Siemens.  As I looked closer, I noticed that it had six trucks!  Further examination after shooting the photo revealed that it was a former KRL "Red 'n' Reddy" flatcar, now lettered ALT 370103.  Further research on the ALT reporting marks led me to post on the PGRRail list, where I received a reply stating that this one of three such cars, owned by Progressive Rail Specialized Logistics, that are instrumental in the export of boilers to Chile!  Mark W. Hintz photo, 10/27/08, West Allis WI

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Thanks to Joe Fehr for the answers about this interesting flat car!
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