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Misc. Roads and Signs

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Old Hwy. 18 road sign

Old Hwy. 18

Old Hwy. 14 road sign

Old Hwy. 14

upside-down sign at US-41 and WIS-26


errant Detour 32 sign

Detour 32???

US-41 South ramp merges into I-94 East


beam under I-43 north in the Marquette Interchange

Marquette Interchange beam

former ramp connecting NB I-43/I-94 to EB I-794

truncated ramp

Marquette Interchange signs

Marquette Interchange signs

detour CTH-S Fond du Lac Ave sign

detour sign

construction sign




Canadian Pacific overpass of 67th Drive near Union Grove, WI

railroad overpass

Prison Area -- Do Not Pick Up Hitchhikers

"Prison Area" sign

"Shift Happens" sign

"Shift Happens"

No Parking Between Signs

No Parking Between Signs

"No Parking Beyond Here" sign

No Parking Beyond Here

"No Parking Day of Packer Game" sign

"No Parking..."

private driveway/packers drive sign

driveway sign

Giant Tomato Billboard

Giant Tomatos???

Schlitz Billboard

Schlitz Billboard

END WIS-142 sign


TO WIS-142 sign in Burlington

TO WIS-142

Exel Inn billboard

Exel Inn billboard

Cash for Clunkers display

Cash for Clunkers

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