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Former Rank and Son Buick

Rank and Son Buick was a Milwaukee institution for almost 40 years, becoming a Buick dealership in 1967, but with history going back to 1914.  The dealership was known as "Wisconsin's Largest Buick Dealer", though in recent years the dealership also expanded to sell Pontiacs and GMCs as well.  That all came to an end in late 2006, as nearby Andrew Chevrolet purchased the dealership franchises, and the operation moved to the former Schlesinger Chevrolet campus a mile and a half north, on Silver Spring Drive.

I had driven past the Rank and Son property several times since the dealership shut down, always intending to go back and get some photos of what was left, and I finally took the opportunity to do just that on Friday, May 18.

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sign on building

Rank and Son sign facing I-43

sign facing I-43

Rank and Son - 92 Years

92 years

"Wisconsin's Newest"

"Wisconsin's Newest"

Rank and Son showroom front and sign

Rank and Son _____

Rank and Son Used Cars showroom

used car showroom

Rank and Son Buick sign "Wisconsin's Largest Buick Dealer"

large sign (sepia)

Rank and Son Buick sign "Wisconsin's Largest Buick Dealer"

large sign (color)

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