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JTPX 9272 and 9290

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JTPX EMD GP38-2s 9272 and 9290 (ex-FNM)

JTPX EMD GP38-2s 9272 and 9290 are probably wondering what all this white stuff is, since they spend most of their lives in Mexico!  Their future uncertain, they are headed to Horicon to join three more amigos...  Mark W. Hintz photo, 12/19/07, Janesville WI

BELOW: These units aren't exactly in the best of shape: Plenty of rust, bent and broken parts, and even 97 less horsepower than it came out of the factory with!  (Per the "1903 HP" stenciled on the cab side.)

JTPX EMD GP38-2 9272 (ex-FNM)
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