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August 29, 2004

A Ride in Caledonia/Oak Leaf Trail - Root River Parkway Extension

Beginning Mileage:  1378.9
   Ending Mileage:  1385.1
    Total Mileage:     6.2

map of ride 8/29/2004

A few weeks ago, I was excited to see that a new section of the Oak Leaf Trail had been paved to the west of Nicholson Road in Oak Creek.  I was a bit confused, though, when I rode down Howell Avenue and did not find a corresponding other end of the trail.  So I decided I needed to explore it.

Dad called me on Saturday to tell me to bring the truck over on Sunday so he could work on it, and it seemed like an ideal day to go biking, so I put the bike in the back of the truck and headed to beautiful downtown Husher.

I started out at Dad's house (1), and headed west on WIS-38 (Six Mile Road, also County-G), and then turned north on Nicholson Road.  Some of the hills were a bit much, since I haven't been biking much lately.  But since it was good exercise, I continued on, riding past Greenridge Park and Caddy Vista (2).  Across the Root River, the trail meets Nicholson Road and continues to the east on County Line Road, where it meets the Oak Leaf Trail "North Shore" extension and heads north-northwest.  However, I turned left onto the newly-paved trail. (Mile 1381.0)

The trail immediately turns north, and then takes a gentle westward turn and goes through a cornfield.  A short distance further, a connector to Alan Road branches off.  The trail goes over a culvert that looks like it has been paved for quite some time, there is another curve, and another branch that heads north into... a tree line/fenceline.  It doesn't even connect to anything, but seems to be planned to connect with Shepard Avenue.  The trail continues about a 1/4 mile before curving north, going up a hill, and abruptly ending. (3) (Mile 1381.9)

Straight west from the final curve, some grading and a culvert has been done, but there is still no connection to Howell Avenue/WIS-38.  Hopefully, next time I ride this I will have some better news.

Happy Bicycling!!

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