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July 28, 2003

The old neighborhood -- Roads in Caledonia, WI

Beginning Mileage:   1025.8
Ending Mileage:      1032.0
Total Miles Traveled:   6.2

map of ride
This nice new map replaced the crappy old map on 11/05/2003!! -MH

My Monday bicycling adventure coincided with my car needing new brake shoes!  My father, who is also the best mechanic that I know, called me around 3:30 to bring the car over, so I tossed my Schwinn in the trunk and set out for beautiful downtown Husher.

I started west from my Dad's house (1) on Six Mile Road.  No sooner had I turned the corner than my phone started ringing:  it was my friend in Brookfield, and she said I should bring my bike out to Brookfield and ride around with her.  Since I had other plans that evening, I scheduled a ride with her in Brookfield on Tuesday.  After I was off the phone, I stopped by a friend who was working in his garage across the road, and I talked with him for a few minutes.  Of course, between the phone call and talking with my buddy, I was already at least a half hour into my ride and I had only gone, maybe, ¼ mile.

So I continued north on Nicholson Road, which is a very nice road to ride on, and also a familiar one, since this was my walking and bicycling route to grade school (2) and the Caddy Vista subdivision (3), where an occasional childhood friend lived.  I then turned east on County Line Road, passed the Hunt Landfill site (4) as well as the southern end of a new section of the Oak Leaf Trail (5) that I had explored a few weeks back (before I got the idea to log my journeys on my website!), that was once the route of the Chicago North Shore and Milwaukee Railroad.

I turned south on Foley Road, and from there, the rest of my ride was almost all uphill!  Actually, Foley Road wasn't bad, but heading back west on Six Mile Road was!  From the Root River to the railroad overpass (6) is all upgrade!  I did, however, find a quarter on the side of Six Mile, so at least my trip was profitable!

By the time I got back by Dad's, my car was done.  Tomorrow, I look forward to a nice bike ride in (very hilly) Brookfield!


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