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July 25, 2003

Oak Leaf Trail, South Milwaukee/Cudahy/St.Francis

Beginning Mileage:   1010.9(9)  (it was turning over)
Ending Mileage:      1025.8
Total Miles Traveled:  14.8

map of rideI started out on the Oak Leaf Trail near the place I had turned back the last time I rode on it (1), near South Milwaukee High School, on the Oak Creek Parkway.  (Why is it that we drive on a parkway...)  I had been on this section of the Trail back about 1991 or so, when it was still called the "76" trail. 

It was a fun ride from Mill Road east on the Pkwy. (2), I was going as fast as about 28 mph, and keeping up with a car!!!  I was a little disappointed on the stretch through Grant Park, since the trail twists and turns its way between trees, and it's a little hard to keep up any amount of speed.

Warnimont Park was much nicer to ride through, and provided some very nice views of Lake Michigan!  When I got to Lake Drive, however, the "paved trail" ended, and I was riding right on Lake Drive.  Seems that there are some new condos/apartments being built along the lake...

I turned left onto Howard Avenue, then right on Packard Avenue, and stopped by Joe and Cori (3), some great friends and former co-workers at UPS.  They gave me water and banana bread and Cori showed me pictures from her trip to Massachusetts.  After I left, I turned right onto Howard Avenue, and then cut across onto Thompson Avenue.  (FYI - This must be an old map -- it doesn't even show where Howard Avenue goes now!)  I turned left onto Barland Avenue, then left again onto KK Avenue, and left on Layton Avenue.  Right again onto Packard Avenue, and I stopped to get free air in my tire at a Speedway (4).  I continued south on Packard, and turned left on Edgerton -- not a very good idea, since there was a stop sign at every intersection!  I turned right on Lake Drive to go one block to get me onto a road that again connected me to the Oak Leaf Trail, and I rode back to my truck.

Next time I'll have to start out in St. Francis and ride north...  and of course I'll document my "journey" here on my website.


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