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About Fuzzy

the boys Fuzzy! Fuzzy and Debbie, just married

the boys


just married

So, who is this Fuzzy guy, anyways???  Well, let me tell you a bit about myself!

I was born on a hot July morning in 1977, the fifth of five children.  I grew up in tiny Husher, Wisconsin, a blink-and-you'll-miss-it hamlet on WIS-38 within Caledonia between Racine and Milwaukee.  I attended Trinity Lutheran School and Shoreland Lutheran High School before making my way into the exciting world of working for most of the rest of my life... yay...

Around the time I turned 19, I decided that a shorter haircut would be the way to go, as I had tried to grow my hair longer throughout high school (what was I thinking???).  Unfortunately, my hair grows FAST, so it didn't take long for my hair to get back to a longer, more unsightly length, and I usually wore one of my many baseball caps.  Finally, at the beginning of my first summer at UPS (a hot one, especially on the west side of a dark steel and concrete building in the afternoon), I decided that the solution to my hair problems was to shave my head.

As a result of this, women at work began to come up to me, rub my newly-shaved head, and say "awww, fuzzy!!!"  At the same time, another person named Mark worked in the same area as me, and then-supervisor Rob Griffie (1969-2004 -- miss ya, buddy) decided to call me "Fuzzy".  And, well, the name stuck.  Between UPS and my website, many people know me as "Fuzzy", while family, old friends, and people involved with NMS call me "Mark".  It's almost like having an alter ego!

Of course, one of the best things I ever did was marry the most beautiful woman in the world, Debbie.  She has the almost constant ability to make me smile, and sometimes just laugh uncontrollably.  I've included several pictures of her, and hopefully one day I can get her to tell a little more about herself.

Debbie reads her book

Debbie reads her book

Debbie Hintz

My Lovely Wife



Debbie and Andi

Debbie and Andi

Fuzzy and Siobhan in the "club houze" Fuzzy and the snake

man in the box

Fuzzy and the snake

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