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Lake Parkway (WIS-794)

I noticed recently that the last piece of the Lake Parkway (WIS-794), the curve south of Layton Avenue into an intersection with Edgerton Avenue and Pennsylvania Avenue (where the highway continues to the south), had opened to limited traffic in the southbound lanes.  Traffic at the end is forced to continue south on Pennsylvania Avenue/WIS-794 after a stop and, usually, a lengthy wait for traffic.  The intersection still needs traffic lights and some other minor work before it is fully functional, and the northbound lanes open for traffic.

WIS-794 traffic has traversed the Layton Avenue ramps and a short jog east on Layton Avenue to continue on Pennsylvania Avenue since the rest of the Parkway was completed, often leading to traffic flow problems at the Layton-Pennsylvania intersection.  This final link is a welcome addition.

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Hoan Bridge - I-794
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