"02-fuzzy.jpg","03-fuzzy-zzzz.jpg","05-fuzzy-wienermobile.jpg"); $ri_t = array(1 => "not-an-engineer Fuzzy","dozing Fuzzy","Fuzzy and the Wienermobile"); $ri_g[1] = "Hello, I'm Mark W. "Fuzzy" Hintz, and welcome to my website!  I hope you enjoy your visit to my little – but growing – corner of the world wide web.  Since its first appearance in 2002, this site has changed significantly, but I can certainly say that it will always be a work in progress!

(Photo courtesy MilwBeerNut, gracias!)"; $ri_g[2] = "zzzzZZZZ... *snort* Wha...???  Oh, sorry, I must've dozed off there!  I'm Mark W. Hintz, sometimes better known as "Fuzzy", and welcome to Fuzzy World 3.  I've stayed up late, and awakened way too early, far too many times, just to present this site to the world.  Which is probably why I'm a little sleepy!  But, was it worth it?  You bet!  Enjoy, and have fun!!!

As for me, I think it's time I go get myself some coffee..."; $ri_g[3] = "Trains, trucks, bicycles, and more -- there's something for just about everybody* here on Fuzzy World 3!!!  Even the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile.  If you're still not quite sure where to start, take a look at The Fuzzy World 3um, maybe you'll even be inclined to vote in This Week's Photo.

* Sorry, Matt, the "Matt Edition" isn't done yet...  But you can get some internet radio streams via the Milwaukeeland Radio Internet Tuner^ in the meantime!"; $ri_num = rand(1, 3); // second random script, added 3/5/9 $ri2_num = rand(1, 2); switch ($ri2_num) { case 1: $ri2_key = "1. Cedar Rapids at Sturtevant
2. "Merge"
3. Soo Line #1003 at Mill
4. Bike Route sign, represents Bicycling section
5. WSOR 3804 at Richfield
6. dropped container
7. "Undec" KCS 4007"; break; case 2: $topbar_css = str_replace("logobar", "logobar2", $topbar_css); $ri2_key = "1. EJ&E 300
2. Leona B
3. TMER&L L8
4. Racine-Sturtevant Trail
5. Derailment!
6. Ace Redi Mix 41
7. WSOR 101"; break; } // more updated stuff: site search box, replaced 8/12/2010 (query string removed 2010-11-05) $ssl = "Bing"; $ssb = "
"; // next update: use "new" feed for 3um (update 2010-11-05: new feed didn't work with the "current" slashdemocracy/Feed2JS application, let's see if we can get it to work with an "in-house" Feed2JS php include) // okay, now it's time to test out the "in-house" Feed2JS query string, then put in the feed, and finally make it go live; done 2010-11-06 // declare Feed2Js variables $src = "http://www.fuzzyworld3.com/3um/rss.php"; $chan = 'title'; $num = 6; $desc = 105; $html = 'p'; $tz = 'feed'; $utf = 'y'; $date = 'y'; $targ = 'n'; $feed2js_path = "x/php/feed2js/"; // include the feed2php include file include 'x/php/feed2js/feed2php.inc'; ?> Welcome to Fuzzy World 3
<?php echo $ri_t[$ri_num]; ?>

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